Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome Back!

I am so excited about a new school year in 2nd grade! I look forward to working with your child and watching them grow throughout the year!

Below is our word wall. We will be adding sight words to the wall to help with our reading and spelling. These will be words that are commonly used in our reading and writing.

The reading program at our school is "Reading Round-Up!" This program offers motivation and incentives for reading at the elementary level. Students will earn rewards for every 20 books they read. They will move their horse to each barn as they progress through the destinations. More information will be sent home about this wonderful program at a later date.

One of the first decisions a child makes when they enter my room is what they want to eat for lunch. Don't forget to keep your child's account current.

This is our Chirpin' Chores Tree. These classroom jobs are extremely important in our classroom because they build teamwork. We will learn during the first week of school how each job is important and necessary to help our day run smoothly.

We will be working on reviewing math skills each day during Calendar Math. Every day counts!

Mountain Math is a program that also reviews math skills. The cards will rotate throughout the year and students will build on what they have already learned.

These book boxes are provided to allow students to hold a book that they are reading, whether they are checked out from the library or from our classroom library. This also provides a nice space for our S.Q.U.I.R.T. folders that go along with the school-wide reading program.

This is a view from the entrance of our room.

Welcome Back!
Mrs. Cooper

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